Microfilms from the Mission Archives digitized by the National Archives of Norway

Upon the request from the Mission Archives in 2009, a set of our 98 rolls of microfilms was recevied by the National Archives of Norway, located at Sognsvann in Oslo. The National Archives found the opportunity to digitize the films during January and February 2012, and 13 March 2012 a hard drive with 66000 images was handed over to the Mission Archives by Svein Warberg. He has been responsible for the planning and implementation of the project.

The films contain historic documents related to the work of the Norwegian Mission Society, mainly in Madagascar from 1866 to 1980. About two thirds of the orginial documents are stored at the FLM Archives in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This is the repository of Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy (i.e. the Malagasy Lutheran Church). The remaining originals are found at the Mission Archives, with the exception of a few ministerial books from congregations in the Lutheran Church in South Africa (ELCSA).

The digital versions of the documents will be indexed and catalogued. Plans for publication will be made in cooperation between the National Archives of Norway, the FLM Archives and the Mission Archives.

A PDF version of the catalogue showing the content of the 77 rolls of film produced at the FLM Archives around 1980 is available at the below link.

The remaining 21 rolls contain material such as copy-books from Reinert Larsen Aas (1849-1931), who served as ordained missionary in Madagascar 1880-1907.

Svein Warberg, Senior adviser at the National Archives of Norway, with a sample microfilm and the hard drive with the digitized files. Photo: Gustav Steensland, 2012-03-13
A sample roll of microfilm, with the brand Eastman Kodak Company around the edge of the lid.[ Klikk for større versjon ]

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