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Welcome to MHS

We welcome new and former students to the fall semester 2015. MHS starts Monday 17th August at 10:00 am with sermon in Kampen. The semester opening ceremony will be held in the MHS Aula at 11.00 am.

Orientation week and introduction course 2015

The orientation week take place from Tuesday August 11 to Friday August 14, and continues with an introduction course called «Introduction to Norway» with six different lectures starting on Friday 12th.

Protocol from the founding of NMS is now included among Norwegian documents in UNESCO Memory of the World Register

Stavanger, Norway

In the Stavanger region everything is within reach. A delightful mixture of nature, culture, urbanism, a country feel, simplicity however complexity - these are key words to describe a region rich on experiences and friendliness.

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Student life at MHS

In order for you to have the best possible start as a new student we have tried to prepare as much as we can, both academically and socially, for you as an international student at MHS. Remember that years of study are not just about courses, but also about your own personal development.

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Questions about studies/application?

Maria Tendenes - Coordinator of studies

phone: + 47 51 51 62 82

e-mail: maria.tendenes@mhs.no 

Visiting hours: Mon - Fri: 12 - 14.00


Sissel Gjøvikli - Executive Officer/Exam

Visiting hours : Mon - Fri: 12 - 14.00

phone: +47 51 51 62 33
e-mail: sissel.gjovikli@mhs.no

Inger Brit Haugen - Executive Officer/Application

Visiting hours: Mon - Thurs: 09.00 - 11

phone: +47 51 51 62 24
e-mail: inger.brit.haugen@mhs.no

Misjonsmarka 12
NO-4024 Stavanger

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Phone: +47 51 51 62 10



International applicants for the master in theology and master i global studies should fill in the paperbased application form and send to MHS with all need documentation before the deadline: March 1.

Admission requirements is posted under the respective studyprogram.

Applicants from outside the EU/EEA area must document that they can finance their stay in Norway. Applicants who do not provide satisfactory documented evidence for financing will be rejected regardless of academic qualifications.

The MHS provides six scholarships for students from developing countries through the Quota Scheme. This is a programme funded by the Norwegian government.  Normally only applicants with a supportingletter and priority from our partnerinsitutions will be admitted on this programme. The scholarships are given to students both at the master in theology and master in global studies.

I chose to study Master of Global Studies at MHS because I knew that this would give me the opportunity to experience intercultural relations in practice and to focus on religious studies in my master degree. In addition I appreciate that MHS is a smaller institution where is it easy to come in contact with other students, teachers and coordinators. I am very happy with the choice i took!

Suzy Fleurette Nnomo


Mon Aug 10th – 14th

Orientation Week International Students

Mon Aug 17th 10:00 AM
► Kampen Church

Church Service

Mon Aug 17th 11:00 AM
► MHS Aula

Opening of the Semester

Mon Aug 17th 12:00 PM
► Campus