A special archival document

An address label designed for use with the "Addressograph" machine is a special type of archival document.

The address label has a reference part in yellow paper and the complete text in inverted text on sheet metal. Photo: Gustav Steensland, 2007-10-15

From the belongings of the head office of the Norwegian Missionary Society we received a large number of such address labels. The one on the above photo was most likely used for the mailing to subscribers of Norsk Misjonstidende, in this case to a mission group for women in South Eastern Norway:

Hedn.misjons kvf.
v/fru Anne Dorthea Egeland

The name of the group says that its purpose is to support Christian mission among the heathen.

Our archive decided to keep only this one address label.

Published: 2007‑10‑15