Ole Gjerløw's report from South Africa, 1888

Gjerløw's report, front cover, with the signature of Lars Dahle.

In his capacity as "Secretary" (i.e. at the time the highest ranking administrator in the Norwegian Mission Society, NMS) Ole Ohnstad Jensen Gjerløw (1845-1924) made an inspection visit to the mission field in South Africa in 1887-1888. His report, signed 5 April 1888, was printed and published, most likely by NMS in Stavanger the same year. It has the following title:

"Beretning vedkommende Sekretærens Reise til Missionsmarken i Zululand og Natal 1887-1888."

At the Mission Archives we have three copies of the report, and one of them belonged to Lars Dahle, who signed his copy in the upper right corner of the front cover. He has also written several remarks on selected pages. This version of the report was used by Kristin Fjelde Tjelle in her preparation of her PhD thesis "Missionary masculinity : the case of the Norwegian Lutheran missionaries to the Zulus, 1870-1930", Stavanger, 2011.

The document is a part of the collection from the main office of the NMS, with catalog reference MHS/A-1045/Da/L0182-14.

The report is available in a searchable PDF version, scanned with OCR. In order to display the nature of the original version, we include images of the cover and first page.

The report is also available at the library, School of Mission and Theology. See the item in the BIBSYS catalog.

Gjerløw's report, page 1.
Published: 2011‑07‑01