Genealogy resources

Information about persons and family relations is very often requested. Therefore, we present some suggestions and links for this purpose.

NMS: People & Places

This database is a feature of the website of the Mission Archives. A flexible search form allows for a variety of results for the user.

Documents in the Mission Archives

The collections at the Mission Archives can also be studied with genealogical purposes. Letters, diaries and photographs contain valuable information for family history research.

The Digital Archives - a public service of the National Archives of Norway

The Digital Archives website is an open source for search in transcribed genealogical data. The site is also available in English.

Census data, church registers, property records and other public documents can be retrieved from a comprehensive database.

Cemeteries in Norway - and other services by DIS-Norway

For visitors to our website who are interested in genealogy, we can recommend the cemetery database organized and maintained by "DIS-Norge". DIS is the abbreviation of "data i slektsgranskning", i.e. the use of computers in genealogy.

The website is available in both Norwegian and English.

Below are two examples, as print screen images related to information about Bertha Sørvaag, NMS missionary in Madagascar.

The DIS database information about the burial site of Bertha Sørvaag, NMS missionary in Madagascar. Image: copied from the web site and modified by Mission Archives.

The Norwegian version of the information about Bertha Sørvaag. Image: copied from the web site and modified by Mission Archives.

I started my studies at the MHS in August 2012. It was my first time in Europe. I had read about the expected culture shock of which I was quite worried. The warm reception the international student office offered and the special Mentor system MHS had in place saved the situation. My worries and the whole idea of culture shock and difficulty of settling in and integrating was debunked at my first day at MHS.

Mary Achiro

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