The parable of "The prodigal son" - illustrated Chinese version

In our collection A-1141 from Josef Laurentius Sten Bugge, NMS missionary to China 1916-1934, there is a scroll illustrating the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32. As the title page is partly damaged, only fragments of the information about the publisher and date are visible. A note coming together with the scroll as it was transferred to the Mission Archives in 1993 states, however, that the publisher was "Froese & Co., Basel", i.e. Buch- und Kunstdruckerei Froese & Co. in Switzerland.

The scroll is entitled in Chinese as 浪子之喻 "Langzi zhi yu", i.e. the parable about the prodigal [son].

It is most likely that Bugge acquired the scroll during his years in China from 1916-1934, as a tool for communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in a Chinese cultural context

Due to the fragile condition of the original, the scanned versions here have been made from available paper copies produced earlier by the Mission Archives.

Published: 2009‑07‑29