Carte-de-visite style portraits

MHS Mission Archives has quite a few of the so-called carte-de-visite style portrait photos (the format is sometimes abbreviated "CdV"), attached to hard paper cards with the imprint and logos of the photographer.
Photographer Carl Kørner (1849-1936), who had a studio in Stavanger for several years (1878- ca. 1915), photographed a number of Norwegian Missionary Society missionaries, and the carte-de-visite versions were popular items for sharing with family and friends. Similar portraits from photographers in Kristiania [Oslo], Liverpool and other cities are also found in our archives.

More information about the person on the photo is found here.
Agnethe Hedvig Emilie Petersen (b. Jensen). Photo: Kørner, Stavanger. Source: MHS Mission Archives.
Published: 2008‑03‑28