"Strandleiren, Sola" - a NMS camp site near Stavanger airport

"Strandleiren" was established as a Christian camp site for young peolpe in the late 1940s by Racin Kolnes (NMS missionary in China 1925-1947). In 1959 the property was transferred to NMS ownership.
"Strandleiren" ble etablert av Racin Kolnes (NMS misjonær i Kina 1925-1947) på slutten av 1940-tallet som et kristent leirsted for ungdom. I 1959 overtok NMS eiendommen.
A very early photo, probably taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Source: MHS, Mission Archives.

Now, the camp site has been transformed into a hotel and conference center, operated by NMS, not only for camps and retreats but also for general accomodation and catering purposes. The name of the place has changed from "Strandleiren" to "Himmel & Hav kurs og misjonssenter".
Published: 2008‑03‑01