Lutheran congregations in Hunan, China, 1902-1949

Here we present documentation from congregations in Central Hunan synod of the Lutheran Church of China from 1902-1949. The focus is on church records such as parish registers. These have been digitized by the Stavanger branch of the National Archives of Norway, and they are published on their section for Digital Archives. See the "Abroad" category (labelled 'county') of Digitised parish registers. In the below presentation of the congregations we include original and current name forms and also map references. [The list is under construction].

Anhua district: Anhwa / Anhua 安化

Anhwa / Anhua congregation belonged to the synod district of the same name.

The parish register: 1906-1948.

  • Published: 2014-04-04

Anhua district: Tafuping / Dafuping 大福坪

Tafuping / Dafuping congregation belonged to Anhua district.

The parish register: 1909-1948. 

  • Published: 2014-04-04