Projects involving the Mission Archives

Norwegian Missionaries : Practice and representation in the formation of ‘self’ and ‘other’, 1870-2005

This is a research and exhibition project based at the University of Bergen, scheduled for the years 2006-2008. Material from NMS Archives will be important in the implementation of the project.

See presentation (in Norwegian) in "På høyden", the internet newsletter of the University of Bergen.

  • Published: 2007-05-16

Norwegian mission and cultural interactions in South Africa and Madagascar, 1880-1960

This is a project in cooperation between the University of Stavanger and the School of Mission and Theology. Documents in NMS Archives represent key source material for the realization of the project.
  • Published: 2007-05-10

In the wake of colonialism

"In the wake of colonialism" is a project at the University of Bergen.

Our archivist Nils Kristian Høimyr is assisting two of the researchers in their field work and archive studies in Madagascar in January 2007.

See project website at:

Kirsten Alsaker Kjerland - Colonial Africa in the offing; Hans P. Krag and his financial dynasty

Anne K. Bang - Norwegian Wood. Norway East Africa Trading Company

  • Published: 2007-01-12