About Mission Archives

The Mission Archives has a unique collection related to the history of Christan mission. In addition to records related to the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) and all its subsidiaries, we also have material from other organizations and individuals.

For the benefit of an international community the main language of this website is English, but some items will also be presented in Norwegian and French.

The quantity and value of the material held by the Mission Archives have created public attention in Norway. The Mission Archives has been supported since 2005 by an annual grant in Norway's National Budget. This grant is allocated by the Ministry of Culture. The Mission Archives files an annual budget proposal to the ministry, including work reports, statistics, outline of short and long term plans, and financial reports.

Our holdings include items such as written and printed documents, microfilms, photographs, movies, videos and sound tracks. The oldest records were created in the 1820s. This was a vital period representing the beginning of Norway's growing interest in missionary work. Many documents reflect that interest in the form of personal diaries, letter collections and photo albums. These can be of particular interest to those conducting genealogical research and studies of family relations in Norway and abroad.

The overall purpose of the Mission Archives is to collect and preserve the abovementioned records and to make the material available to users. The cataloguing of documents is based on the ASTA software, the main tool of public and private repositories in Norway. Currently some of our catalogues are still found at  Samkatalogen for privatarkiv. Following the launch of the joint national site Arkivportalen, the Mission Archives will transfer publication of its catalogues there from 2011 onwards. The Mission Archives is also presented on the national site Kulturnett.

More than 80 printed catalogues are available to our users.

The repository is arranged within four rooms on the lower floor of the campus center. The Mission Archives has a reading room next to one of the storage rooms. The original documents from our collections are to be used primarily within the premises of the Mission Archives.

The Mission Archives is a section within The School of Mission and Theology (MHS), which is fully owned by NMS.