Stavanger, Norway

In the Stavanger region everything is within reach. A delightful mixture of nature, culture, urbanism, a country feel, simplicity however complexity - these are key words to describe a region rich on experiences and friendliness.


You can read more about Stavanger and the region.

MHS has many nice people around who will guide you through what is going on if you look lost. I like the Lunch time, even if I don‘t eat we just meet at the cafeteria and talk.The international student community is amazing. We have grown together like a big family. I feel like I get to know countries and cultures all over the world, and not just beautiful Norway.

Janina Bufe, Erasmus exchange student


Mon Aug 10th – 14th

Orientation Week International Students

Mon Aug 17th 10:00 AM
► Kampen Church

Church Service

Mon Aug 17th 11:00 AM
► MHS Aula

Opening of the Semester

Mon Aug 17th 12:00 PM
► Campus