Stavanger, Norway

In the Stavanger region everything is within reach. A delightful mixture of nature, culture, urbanism, a country feel, simplicity however complexity - these are key words to describe a region rich on experiences and friendliness.


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The studies at MHS have been very useful. In my present job at the Police office in Stavanger I daily meet people from different parts of the world. I took both a bachelor and a master degree at MHS. I feel that my background has helped me a lot in my job in the Police.

Øzlem Anli


Tue Nov 11th 11:30 AM
► Kafé Misjonæren

Community Lunch

Fri Dec 19th 12:00 PM

Christmas Service in Kampen Church

Fri Dec 19th 1:30 PM

Christmas porridge/Rice porridge MHS canteen

Thu Jan 8th 12:00 PM

Semester Openening Ceremony