The Missionary Speeches In The Acts Of The Apostles

The main papers of the conference on the missionary speeches in Acts at the School of Mission and Theology, 19–20 May, 2010, are published in Swedish Missiological Themes 99, 3 (2011):

Jostein Ådna: “Guest Editorial: Missionary Speeches in the Acts of the Apostles”, pp. 241–246.

Atef M. Gendy: “Style, Content and Culture: Distinctive Characteristics in the Missionary Speeches in Acts”, pp. 247–265.

Christoph Stenschke: “The Biography of Jesus in the Missionary Speeches of Acts”, pp. 267–294.

Jey J. Kanagaraj: “From Eco-theology to Christology: Luke’s Portrayal of Paul’s Missionary Speech in Athens”, pp. 295–316.

Stelian Tofana: “Paul’s Discourse in Miletus to the Ephesian Presbyteroi (Acts 20:17–35): A Teaching Pattern for a Successful Mission”, pp. 317–339.

Thor Strandenæs, “The Missionary Speeches in the Acts of the Apostles and their Missiological Implications”, pp. 341–354.

I wish in my PhD work to give a voice to a group of women in Northern Cameroon who is invisible in scientific work. I describe and analyze their experiences of how diakonia in the movement Women for Christ is being practised and how it functions in their local environment.

Terese Bue Kessel, PhD-student


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